Buyers in Bryan & College Station April 22, 2022

Should I Wait to Buy in College Station, Bryan, Aggieland?

Should I Wait To Buy in Bryan College Station Texas Should I wait to buy, that’s the burning question.
Well according to the Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, says that mortgage rates are still low and real estate is one of the best investments to fight inflation. These low interest rates make it more affordable to purchase a home, you can actually qualify for a home that is more expensive as interest rates go down, and as they start to creep up, you’ll be able to qualify for less, which in turn means a smaller home.
We’ve been faced with inventory shortages over the past few years, and it’s created bidding wars and home prices increasing at faster rates than what is considered normal. So don’t wait. Don’t wait for rates to go up or for inventory to go down, both can hurt you. It’s time to act NOW!!!
Don’t be priced out of the market. And most people think they need a lot more money and a much higher credit score to be able to qualify and in MOST cases they are wrong, so don’t just guess… Ask!
Call us at 979-764-2100 and we can help make that dream of homeownership into a reality. Or at the very least let us help get you prepared to be able to buy sooner.
We have a special no cost program to help buyers prepare to buy when they are ready. Don’t miss out!
Send me a message and I’ll get you enrolled for free.
And as always, make it a great home selling and buying day.
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